In this section I'm going to list all of the characters, their stats, and their overall ranking.
Scoring system- I will rank the character on a scale of 1 - 5 not of how good the characters are (because we're not including who plays as them), but on how easy I find the characters to use effectively against other opponents and how fun they are to play as. So basically 1 means they're giant targets for an ass whooping and 5 means you got a brawl on your hands.


Mario is a character that is well rounded, just like every other freakin game he's in. I don't know why i even bother with him, but what ever. Overall he's pretty fast, his smash attacks have short range but have enough knock back to be playable. His specials are weak and practically unspammable IMO except for his side B (cape). He is equiped with a meteor smash though which makes him a formidable foe.
Score: 2/5


Link is easily one of the coolest LOOKING characters in SSBB, but unfortunately, he's not one of the best to play as. He has an assortment of weapons and projectiles that some players might find useful, but his slow speed and large lag time make him an easy target for opponents that are faster(which is half the roster). Link has some powerful attacks but not enough quick ones, and this is a game that shooting an arrow into an eye on the wall wont make you win.






 Metaknight is easily one of the faster characters in the game, if not the fastest. His A attacks are quick and have almost zero lag time, his dash grab is incredibly and one of the best in the game, add in his ability to fly which gives him one of the best recoverys in the game makes Metaknight a formidable opponant. His B moves are decent at best, however his Neutral B quickly racks up damage, but most have a heavy lag time especially his SideB. Where Metaknight really lacks is his killing moves. He lacks any real power to knock someone off the stage except for his Neutral A and his Shuttle Loop. However you could always take advatage of his flight ability and case opponants off the stage until they are dead, one of my favorite manuvers. Metaknight's crazy quickness does however make he slightly hard to control. When you take everything in too account Metaknight has some great potential in the hands of the of a true smasher.

Score: 4/5

Poke'mon Trainer



Fox is one of the quickest characters in brawl and has a few good smashes. His speed comes with a price though, he is very light and dies at low percentages. Fox also has good B moves, such as his blaster that is a great kill stealer. Fox is a great character for one on one battles and his down B his a good crowd clearer in 4 player free-for-all. In conclusion I would say Fox is a great character, and when controlled with quick hands, a lethal doom's day device.



Pit is another cool looking character. He has a very effective projectile and even a reflector. He is very quick, has multiple jumps, an incredible recovery and decent smashes. IMO Pit is sort of a mix between Metaknight and falco/Marth. Call me crazy, but think about it.The only thing holding him back from a perfect score is his weight and lack of knockback moves.


Ike is a character that I main with because he is a source of RAW POWER! (and he looks fuckin awesome) But just because he's strong doesn't make him perfect. Ike has an array of powerful moves, but at a price, he's incredibly slow. His weight doesn't really make up for it either. In a one on one brawl, he is almost worthless (unless you're going up against a character slower than him). Though in a 4 player free-for-all or even in team battles Ike holds his own quite well. He is great for Newbies because of his almost unparalleled power and his saving grace(s). Ike's Triple A is his quickest move that  does a good amount of damage  and decent knock back. Also his quick draw is great for recovery and hitting enemies far away for surprise attacks.