Super Smash Bros Brawl Mains

  Here we will discuss who the creators current main or mains are and why we chose them. Thanks to whomever created the sprites, we give them total credit.

Thumbstick (co-creator) - Ike/ Falco

 "I chose Ike because he was the first character I was truly hyped about and I always wanted to play as a character with raw power! When I played as him the first thing I noticed wasn't his slowness, but the strategy needed in order to be able to pull off his moves efficiently.

The reason I chose falco was because he was my main in melee, and he never failed me. I love playing as Falco because he has speed and a number of moves that are chainable. Even though Falco has alot of spammable moves and cheap ass glitches! I refuse to use him like that, I use all of his moves in moderation except for his dreadful FAir....DONE" - Thumbstick

Zoltan (co-creator) - Wolf/ Meta Knight

 Like Thumbstick, Meta Knight was the first new addititon to Smash that really got me pumped. His movement in the air seemed just unfair in the videos that i saw before the game was released and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him. I initially loved him, but slowly as Thumbstick began to beat me to a pulp with Ike I realized that Meta Knight wasn't working out to well. After we aquired Wolf I thought I would give him a try, and sure enough he was the perfect counter to Ike's gay unfair, overpowered attacks that Thumbstick relentless spammed.....

However as time went on I slowly began to return back to Meta Knight and have now reached a medium between the two. Meta Knight requires a certain finese that demands quick fingers and beast short-hopping, also plenty of shuttle loops to knock your opponent off. And Wolf, well that easy, use the "crotch-grab".