As you can clearly see, this site is very new. We would love to get more people here visiting and talking on the forums so please tell your friends. Spread the word because we have a new forum about the online MMORPG World Of Warcraft, that has support and kind people willing to lend a helping hand. We also recently added a bunch of new music in The Headphones section.


Hey guys, I just wanted to tell everyone again that the forums are up and running. As of right now they are not very lively, so Zoltan and I would like everyone to check them out. We've got topics on Smash Bros., The Namco Tales series, and you're welcome to start a topic on anything else you want. (preferably Namco Tales, RPG, Smash Bros. related) but you know...... Do your own thing, thats cool too.


Breaking news, we've added forums to our site, please visit and speak your mind, also we've recruited two new editors!! We want to give a big welcome to Sacklipz and Gershin. Also we want to give a big welcome to all our visitors we hope you have fun browsing are up and coming site. We'll be adding new content daily so stay posted!

Welcome! 06/16/2008

Hey everyone Welcome to Zoltan and Thumbstick's new website, we've got Blogs, Music you can download at "The Headphones" section, we've got movie reviews in Gershin's Harbor and up to date information on games that matter.